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This is a popular game site that includes game previews and reviews, the latest in game news, and assorted information related to tabletop gaming.


The Unnamed Association of Gamers is a well-known, popular gaming group in the Arizona community that run events at all the major gaming events and regularly run their own.

Chews Smart

This is a youtube channel that reviews and evaluates a variety of things in fandom. Comics, movies, and games are all fair game!

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Games Closer!

We should be receiving the games by May 24th. Phoenix Comicon begins on May 25th; it will be a tight schedule, getting the games out to backers and starting the convention but I’ll do whatever I can to make both of these at successful as possible. I hope there are no more delays in getting

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Games Coming!

I regret to say that the games took longer than anticipated, and will be arriving in May. They’re on their way now from China. I plan to have them for Phoenix Comicon, but want to send them to backers before bringing the extra copies the convention. This means they will be delivered after promised to

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OrcCon 2017

I did my first panel since starting the Battle Gnomes process that was specifically on the process of running a KickStarter. It was a little intimidating at first, but, I got pretty comfortable. Honestly, I was just glad to have people attend. But they did attend, and were interested in what we had to say.

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After the Kickstarter!

Since the KickStarter funded, I’ve resolved some game issues that were noticed during the campaign, I’ve been keeping in touch with backers, and of course talking to Panda Manufacturing about game production. I’m finding I need to update some of the artwork to fit the templates they provide. I wanted to get underway sooner, but

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Kickstarter funded!

The Battle Gnomes Kickstarter is officially funded!!!! We have a little over a week remaining to get more backers for the project, and the more the merrier. I’m ready to go on production once the Kickstarter is completed. In 2017, I’ll keep physical copies on me for the events I attend, and I’ll keep copies

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The night before

I’ll sleep in just a minute, so I can wake up early for the 7am launch. Everything that needs to be done is done, but I’m still looking at it. Just in case. I might miss something, but I hope not. My manufacturing costs and shipping are set, the Kickstarter seems to be aligned with

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One week away!

We’re now at 6 days away from the Kickstarter launch! I have another blog on the Branum Games website as well. I’m currently waiting for several things set in motion, the promotion/reviews and so on, to be finalized. I plan to be visible on multiple popular gaming websites. I have a few reviews posted on

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Website status

We have linked over to review pages but those are still forthcoming. They will all be there by September 1st to share with the public! We are working on pictures of the game being played and events. They are primarily located on Facebook at this time. By September 1st, we plan to have the Kickstarter

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Updates completed!

Hello all, So far I have had a lot of positive feedback and support from many people at different events these last 6 months! I’ve submitted some final updates before going live on Kickstarter in 20 days. Although I will also take on feedback during the Kickstarter, potentially making further updates to the game, the

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