One week away!

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One week away!

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We’re now at 6 days away from the Kickstarter launch! I have another blog on the Branum Games website as well. I’m currently waiting for several things set in motion, the promotion/reviews and so on, to be finalized. I plan to be visible on multiple popular gaming websites. I have a few reviews posted on the KS page as well. I’ll aim to update this website, my focus has been on the KS page but I know I gotta keep this one sorted too!

Although I’m using Kickstarter as my coming out medium for Battle Gnomes, I plan to use other methods of getting it to the public after my backers get their games! Methods of acquiring the game and the time frame all depend on 1.) How the mass manufacturing goes with the current company and 2) When I can get the games to the backers. I won’t sell it publicly before they get theirs, that’s the benefit of being a backer. I’m generally forward thinking but right now have to see what happens.

We need 280 people to get the base game to make the funding goal. I’m optimistic about going beyond that, and the better we do the more options we have! For any of you lovely folks at home, below is the preview link. It will become the final link after it launches officially next Wednesday!

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