Game Resources

These are game resources we will be making available soon!

Gnome Counters are extra items you can print to help track the scores of players while in battle. It can get pretty hectic when battle occurs so it’s a nice way to simplify the scores!

Game mats help with game organization, ambiance, and consistency. You will be able to see more clearly what the other players have as the mats direct the layout of each household. The ambiance is also nice to have because the best part about a game is being fully engrossed in it!

Standees are a fun extra item to have for game play. While you have the gnome cards in play, you would have a standing gnome on the card so it is easier to see who has which gnome from a distance. After a few games, players become familiar with the gnome advantages and disadvantages. In recognizing them from afar, players do not need to see the subtext.