Games Closer!

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Games Closer!

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We should be receiving the games by May 24th. Phoenix Comicon begins on May 25th; it will be a tight schedule, getting the games out to backers and starting the convention but I’ll do whatever I can to make both of these at successful as possible. I hope there are no more delays in getting the games because I want my backers to have their games!

I will sell the games at Phoenix Comicon after sending out my games to where they need to go, as per my promise to the backers. I appreciate the support from backers, and hope the Phoenix community will further support me by getting the game next week if they were unable to back the Kickstarter last fall.

We’re also eager to have the game being demonstrated for new audiences next week at Phoenix Comicon! Table B1 in the Hyatt will be hosting Battle Gnomes. I will also give a copy of the game to Game Central so interested people who do not get into an official game of ours can check it out from there. I’m optimistic that we can build our fan base, while reconnecting with previous fans. 🙂

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