Games Coming!

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Games Coming!

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I regret to say that the games took longer than anticipated, and will be arriving in May. They’re on their way now from China. I plan to have them for Phoenix Comicon, but want to send them to backers before bringing the extra copies the convention.

This means they will be delivered after promised to the backers, but I have been keeping in touch with them regarding the situation. It’s my first time doing this so I hope people remember that. Of course, it’s hard for me to remember that and I’m definitely being hard on myself. I want to do well by my backers; ultimately, they’ll get what I promised.

On a more enthusiastic note, I’m actually really stoked to get the games. Positive updates were made to it, and having them to send to reviewers and to sell at events will be super relieving. When people play and want to purchase, it’s been hard to let them know it’s not an option. Whew, yay games! Incoming!

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