The night before

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The night before

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I’ll sleep in just a minute, so I can wake up early for the 7am launch. Everything that needs to be done is done, but I’m still looking at it. Just in case. I might miss something, but I hope not. My manufacturing costs and shipping are set, the Kickstarter seems to be aligned with it, and it also looks good visually. I think, anyway. Different people have differing preferences, but it has the important information available. I probably wouldn’t recommend staying up late the night before, but I’ll start giving advice AFTER I’ve done one successfully. It’s nice to think how much easier the others will be later down the road based on what I’ve learned with this one!

I’m starting to prepare myself for criticism or realizations of what things I could have done better. I’ll take note of those things for next time. I also think a popular point of discussion will be possible gnome expansions. I’ve already got lots of suggestions from people! It seems to be an easy thing to step into and those who have played the game are eager to see where it can go. That makes me totally happy. Still, I don’t pretend my stomach isn’t a ball of nerves right now, hoping it all turns out well. That’s it computer, sleep time. I got six hours before I should be up again. See you all then. 🙂

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